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Bel Air Divorce Attorneys Pursue Favorable Terms for Clients

Maryland matrimonial litigators help spouses make a positive new start

Divorce is difficult because it marks the end of a relationship, but an accomplished family lawyer gives you the best chance to protect your rights and make a positive new start. Representing spouses throughout the greater Baltimore metropolitan area, Stark and Keenan, P.A. in Bel Air delivers professional guidance tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We make sure that you are familiar with the Maryland laws that will affect you, your children and your finances for years to come. Whether you think your divorce will be uncontested or fear you’re headed for trial, you can trust in our skill and experience to guide you through the process and help you achieve your objectives.

Thorough Harford County lawyers advise on alimony and custody matters

Our proven Harford County attorneys work tirelessly to make a difficult situation easier and arm you with the knowledge you need about concerns such as:

  • Uncontested divorce — Though Maryland does not have a specific procedure devoted to couples seeking an uncontested divorce, our experienced family law attorneys deliver valuable assistance in cases where spouses agree on property division, alimony and parenting issues. We make sure that you understand your rights and prepare authoritative marital settlement agreements to present to the court for incorporation into the dissolution order. Usually, this process can be wrapped up in a few months and at a cost that lets both sides move forward positively.
  • Alimony — No matter how hard they’ve worked to take care of the home and kids, a wife or husband who relies on their spouse for financial support might face serious money troubles once the couple breaks up. Whether you seek to work out alimony terms through negotiation, mediation or in court, we’ll give you informed guidance as to how a judge might assess the circumstances in your case. From there, we advocate on behalf of potential paying and recipient spouses to achieve a just outcome.
  • Child custody — Establishing fair custody and visitation terms promotes the long-term well-being of children and parents. Determining what truly is in a son or daughter’s “best interests” can be a complicated calculation. Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with these issues and work to find creative solutions to challenges relating to legal authority, physical custody and parenting time arrangements.
  • Child support — Child support rates in Maryland are based on each parent’s income, health insurance costs, childcare expenses and other relevant data. We use our knowledge of the law to reach fair results in proceedings that establish rates as well as actions to modify or enforce orders.

Even when parties have bitter differences, many disagreements can be worked out through skillful negotiation and mediation. However, when those methods are not sufficient to secure a favorable outcome, we are experienced trial advocates who will press your rights in court.

Accomplished advocates seek equitable distribution of shared assets

When spouses cannot agree on how to divide their marital assets, state law directs judges to make a decision based on the principle of equitable distribution, through a split that is fair but not necessarily equal. The length of the marriage, each spouse’s income and contributions that each party made to the other’s career may factor into that determination. Whether or not your property issue goes to court, we’ll advise you on how certain items might be allocated, such as personal property and bank accounts. When appropriate, we bring in forensic accountants and financial professionals to assess stocks, retirement plans and other complex assets.

Knowledgeable firm assists with conflicts that arise over marital debts

As with assets, debts accumulated during the course of marriage must be allocated in a divorce order. For many families, their largest financial obligation is the mortgage for their home. If one party remains in the residence, perhaps to provide a stable environment for the couple’s children, reaching a fair resolution can be a challenge. We bring in appraisers and other professionals when necessary to determine how to handle complex financial matters involving mortgages, unpaid school loans, credit card debt and other items. If you know or believe that your partner dissipated assets improperly, our knowledgeable family lawyers will outline your options.

Contact an experienced divorce lawyer serving the greater Baltimore area

Stark and Keenan, P.A. advocates on behalf of Maryland spouses in divorce proceedings and related matters such as child support disputes and custody negotiations. From our offices in Bel Air and Baltimore, we serve clients throughout Harford County and the surrounding areas. Please call or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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